2024 JSPS RONPAKU Scholarships for International Students

The JSPS RONPAKU Program is open for applications. This scholarship opportunity is designed to provide tutorial and financial support for promising researchers in Asia and Africa or other specified countries who wish to obtain their degrees from Japanese universities through the submission of a dissertation without matriculating a doctoral course.

In 2018, JSPS entered its fourth 5-year period of mid-term objectives, which comprise the five pillars upon which JSPS vigorously carries out programs that are essential to the advancement of science. These pillars are 1) Creating diverse genres of world-level knowledge, 2) Fostering the next generation of talented researchers who will take on the challenge of pioneering new knowledge, 3) Enhancing the education and research functions of universities by leveraging their unique strengths, 4) Building a robust international research infrastructure, and 5) Creating a comprehensive base for analyzing science information. As we approach the final year of this five-year period, we are reviewing our 4th mid-term plan as it winds down while considering the roles that JSPS will advance in the next period.

As the COVID-19 continues to menace societies throughout the world, it is hampering the implementation of scientific research activities. In response, JSPS is taking special measures to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on researchers participating in our various programs and to prevent the situation from increasing their administrative burden. We are doing so flexibly in ways that take their needs and circumstances into account.

JSPS provides comprehensive support for researchers who boldly challenge the pioneering of new knowledge across the various fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. While resolutely improving our programs and reforming the systems from a stronger researcher perspective, JSPS is steadfastly working to both effectively and efficiently implement its operations and to cultivate an environment in which researchers can both freely and fully pursue their activities.

While working to meet the expectations of the public—including, of course, researchers in every field and young researchers who aspire to academic careers—JSPS will use the power of knowledge to propel Japan’s contributions to the global community.

Eligibility criteria for the JSPS RONPAKU Scholarships.

  • Applicants must wish to obtain a PhD degree from a Japanese university through the submission of a dissertation
  • Applicants must have already achieved substantial research results and is likely through dissertation research under the program to successfully obtain a PhD degree, and who is nominated by a home advisor and the president of his/her affiliated university/research institution
  • Applicants must be International students
  • Applicants must be employed full time at a university or research institution in his/her home country or will be appointed to such a position by 1 April 2023
  • Applicants must be 45 years of age or younger as of 1 April 2023

Eligible Countries: International

Type: PhD

Value of Scholarships:

  • Total funding provided to Japanese host university
    Maximum of 3.6 million yen (Up to 1.2 million yen per fiscal year)
  • The following expenses can be covered by the above funding:
    Travel expenses (RONPAKU fellow’s visits to Japan, advisor’s visit to fellow’s country), goods/materials, other dissertation related expenses
  • Payment procedure
    JSPS will enter into a contract with the Japanese host institution commissioning it to carry out the RONPAKU program’s operation.

Number of Scholarships: Approximately 9

Duration of Scholarship: Maximum of 3 years starting from 1 April 2023

Application Deadline: 15th September 2024

Method of Application: Click here to begin application