Scholarship for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Scholarship for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

People who have fled their home country and are now seeking asylum are known as asylum seekers.

A refugee is a person who is not in their home country due to a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons including, but not limited to, the following listed in the United Nations Convention pertaining to the Status of Refugees, as revised by its 1967 Protocol (the Refugee Convention):

  • race
  • religion
  • nationality
  • association with a specific subculture or
  • arguments for or against a political issue.



Students who come from a refugee or asylum seeker background who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Murdoch University are eligible to apply for financial aid through this program.


  • Be residing in Australia
  • Any person requesting asylum must: Be in possession of, or in the process of applying for, a Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.
  • Possess the appropriate credentials for admission to an undergraduate or graduate program
  • intend to enroll at Murdoch University and start classes in the Fall 2023 semester.



The college will pay for college. Annual living allowance installments will be: For the recipient’s degree program, $2,500 each semester ($5,000 per year) will be awarded. Free student perks. Winners receive Murdoch Laptops.


Application completed Please send a copy of your visa or proof of protection visa/SHEV/TPV application. A 1 A4-page personal statement that includes: What employment and study experience do you have—formal (school or TAFE) or informal (volunteer work, learning with volunteer organizations)? How does your course fit into your job goals? This scholarship helps you overcome what? School or community leader recommendation (not a family member). Referee Supporting statements